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An easier, quicker and more accurate way to collect field data

Collecting field data with pen and paper is time-consuming and inefficient. Data can be lost, key decisions on site get missed, and you’ll waste a significant amount of time transcribing data back in the office.

Streamline the time-consuming data gathering process with data collection apps custom-made for you that save time and improve accuracy, and consistency on the field. Datanest site notes are automatically uploaded to the cloud, ready to be used in the office at any time.

Create stunning maps in minutes that rival a GIS department

Creating site plans and maps with amateur screenshots and software not designed for map-making results in low-quality deliverables that take too long to produce. Likewise, GIS software is difficult to use and is often clogged with confusing tools and features you’ll rarely need. In fact, over 82% of maps developed in a typical consultancy do not require full GIS knowledge.

Projects often get bottlenecked at the mapping stage with limited specialists and too much back and forward communication slowing down progress and costing you money.

Datanest Map simplifies the mapping process, providing a simple and intuitive interface that anybody can learn. It’s essentially a stripped-down GIS with all of the tools you need and none of the ones you don’t! Skip the queue for GIS and create your own engaging maps in minutes.

Create higher quality, more engaging deliverables that save time and wow your clients.

Manually writing every report wastes your time with repetitive tasks, waiting for bottlenecked field note transcription and dealing with the repercussions of human error along the way.

Visually communicate complex engineering data with ease. Create higher quality, more engaging deliverables that save time and wow your clients. With datanest you can deliver exceptional maps and reports in a fraction of the time. Simply start with an automated report and add text, images, maps, and other interactive elements.

Collaborate with your team, manage data and create powerful insights all in one place

Cut the unnecessary back and forwards staff communication and collaborate smarter and faster in real-time with up-to-date data your whole team has access to.

Datanest hub is your central location for site project data. All your field data, maps, and reports are stored and managed in one easy-to-access place. Deliver faster than your competitors whilst maintaining high quality. Save hours on report writing and days on delivery to a client.

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Explaining complex industry terms with ease

Greenstone Group

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Automating field notes for better efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

Haigh Workman

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Digitising data for high-quality, error-free deliverables


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Continuously exceeding expectations and producing high quality deliverables, quickly for his clients


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Managing and interpreting data with ease

“A user friendly programme and the team behind it are so responsive and helpful. It has been a real game changer for managing and interpreting data. Couldn’t recommend it more!”

Catherine Johnson Senior Environmental Engineer / Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP)
Achieving faster processes and Instantly useful results

“The improvements in efficiency enable us to provide a faster service to clients and makes results instantly useful. Faster service clearly leads to a better business.”

Tricia Scott Director NZ Environmental

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Datanest was built with ease of use in mind. In fact, our users note that their graduate employees can pick up datanest and easily produce deliverables that rival experienced professionals. But, if you do need a hand getting started, our Hep section provides a ton of helpful resources and our customer support team is always happy to help.

Whilst datanest appears to operate at a level that would require specialist equipment we have always designed it in mind that our users will be able to access and use datanest to its full potential with a modern laptop, tablet or mobile device.

We always suggest that you start with low hanging fruit, what is the one thing in your current workflow that you do repetitively that you want to speed up. It could be making figures or collecting basic field data..we find that a lot of our users start at a basic pinch point and expand from there.

Datanest is cloud-based so we store all data in the cloud, at the time of writing this all data is stored with AWS in Sydney.

This is dependent from person to person, some people jump in and can just use the software as it's very intuitive, others use the pointers in the software or use our training videos. All new companies get training when onboarding as well to help get started and our team are on hand via chat or email for any tricky questions.

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