Datanest gives you the tools to capture and deliver information fast

Datanest is a flexible tool that can be tailored for information input and reporting output. User-friendly and intuitive, it enables inexperienced users to quickly produce superior and professional deliverables, in less time.

Designed with the earth sciences and project management industries in mind.


Streamline time consuming data gathering. Create and use your own apps, tailored to how you want to work.


Manage your data and create powerful insights all in one place.


Generate engaging maps effortlessly with the mapping tool. You can link directly to data collected in gather, to produce deliverables that rival a GIS department.


A new way to deliver your data. Datanest allows you to quickly create higher quality, more engaging deliverables that save time and make you more memorable to your clients.

Our software is used by some great organisations

Easy to use and intuitive.

Collaborate in real time.

Free up your professional staff to work where they add the greatest value. By allowing workflow efficiencies across information gathering, data analysis and reporting your people can get back to doing what they do best. Mobile friendly and available offline.

Key benefits that make people love datanest

It’s all about improving productivity while enhancing the quality of your deliverables. Enable effective communication and confidence for all your project partners, with datanest.

  • Gain thousands of hours of efficiency by reducing the demand on your specialist teams like the GIS department
  • Create your own bespoke collection apps.
  • Collaborate in real time with your team in the field or home in the office.
  • Using data visualisation, better explain complex engineering, land and site issues
  • Delivers engaging and exceptional maps and visuals
  • It’s not software for specialists, it’s for everybody
  • It’s designed by professionals who understand earth sciences and project management
Strategic advantages

Advantages that really matter

Saving 10,000+ hours of chargeable time a year is achievable when adopting datanest into your workflow. Just adopting one aspect of the software into your company can add significant value to your business.

Over a 12 month time frame gain these time saving advantages using datanest;

Data Collection +2400 hours

On average a medium sized company creating their own apps and using datanest gather saves over 1,200 hours of field collection, data management and note taking time.

Map Savings +3000 hours

Using the online map creator alone, a medium sized company can save 1500 hours on figure development, rather than sending the data to a CAD or GIS team, as well as streamlining workflow by removing the GIS/CAD queue.

Visual Report +4000 hours

Over 2000 hours of chargeable time can be saved when data collected in datanest gather is linked to a factual, visual report template. The visual summary report in datanest deliver gives you the ability to fully immerse your client in your work. Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text alone. This means you can deliver more content that is meaningful and memorable.

All types of users and scenarios

Datanest provides a multitude of opportunities for users across a wide range of industries.

Designed for professionals from the project management and earth science industries, like geotechnical engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, staff collecting data in the field, and ecologists, just to name a few.

Project managers

Do it once and do it right. Review insights and communicate with multiple stakeholders in real time. Clearly and regularly communicate about project progress with staff and subcontractors. With datanest, simply click on a link and see where it’s at. All of your information is in one easy to access location. Save time and money by optimising workflow processes, your way.

Geotechnical engineers

Create efficiencies by reducing time consuming data gathering, analysis and presentation. Enable engineers to focus on problem solving and areas where they add expert value. Reduce demand on in-house GIS teams and still deliver insightful, visually superior reports.

Environmental Consultants

Collect it once, collect it all. Improve accuracy of data collected in the field by creating tailored templates. Create workflow optimisation by streamlining the data collection process, pre-populating report templates and real-time review.


Take control of the key aspects of ecology field work using datanest to create bespoke data collection apps. Link the data to interactive maps for your clients to paint an elegant picture of the site. Within a specialist industry, datanest provides so many tools to easily communicate what’s going on, which is particularly valuable for complex sites.

Pricing for all business types and sizes

Our pricing options have you covered for whatever you want to do.


FREE 14 day free trial
  • Test all features on one project for free
  • Limited data upload and download


per site
  • Pay a small annual service fee and pay as you go

We are a dedicated team that strives to bring the best solutions possible to our clients and the industry.

Entuitive is the team behind Datanest. We create new and intuitive software that helps you and your business work smarter and faster. That’s because we understand the industry we’re creating tools for. Our aim is to continually develop new products, with the simple objective to streamline industry processes and greatly improve quality at the same time.

Based in Christchurch, our talented team have been encouraged by the success of an award-winning asbestos management tool. We initially developed a contaminated land software called Evalu8 that allowed users to compare analytical results to 6000 guidelines from around the world. We built a mapping function into Evalu8 that proved popular with a wide variety of users because it allowed people to deliver high-quality exports without putting pressure on their GIS teams. We focused on this aspect and built on it creating datanest a platform that allows any user to collect, manage, map and deliver data to a high level

James Blackwell

(EIANZ) Certified Environmental Practitioner – Site Contamination Specialist (CEnvP)
A fantastic tool that enables us to quickly and efficiently digitise field and laboratory data. This reduces the double handling of data and potential for transcription errors, allowing us to concentrate on delivering high quality deliverables to our clients

Catherine Johnson

Senior Environmental Engineer / Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP)
A user friendly programme and the team behind it are so responsive and helpful. It has been a real game changer for managing and interpreting data. Couldn’t recommend it more!

Tricia Scott

Director NZ Environmental
The improvements in efficiency enable us to provide a faster service to clients and makes results instantly useful. Faster service clearly leads to a better business.

What our clients say

We get it, as we understand the industries our users work in. This is how datanest evolved.

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